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Front-end Display of Email List

Pro Feature List

  • Multiple mailing lists possible on a single WordPress site.
  • No restriction on number of members per group.
  • Archive feature with search functionality.
  • Message moderation: by user or text.
  • Shorcode for frontend display of emails from any group.
  • Members can subscribe or unsubscribe to group
  • Shorcode for frontend display of emails from any group.
  • Admin approves/controls who join mailing list by aprroving each subscription request
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Premium Add-on For Reply-To Email

Premium Add-on for Setting “Reply-to” for a Mailing Group. You can make you groups reply to Sender only using our new Add-on.

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Regular Updates

Wpmg is actively maintained, to make sure it works with new releases of wordpress and php. Going Pro means you are more secure, up to date and in good care of our awesome support.


Pro Support

With pro support, you can easily solve problems you come across while setting up groups

Listserv List

A list serv plugin which is a great alternative to Google Groups, Yahoo groups, Lsoft listserv, mailman etc. Lots of customization options and more control over features.

Plans and Pricing

Wordpress Mailing Group

  • One mailing group per domain
  • Community Support Forums
  • Free Basic Plugin
  • Basic troubleshooting.
  • Pro Support
  • Unlimited Mailing Groups per domain
  • Archive Feature With search Functionality
  • Message moderation: by user or text
  • Feature Requests
  • Shortcode For Displaying Posts on Frontend
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WPMG Awesome Pro Features – List serv at its best

Mailing Groups

– Easy installation and setup that requires no coding skills.
– opt-in email.
– Public, Invitation-only and Private group settings
– Multiple mailing lists possible on a single WordPress site (*)

Member Administration

– Add members from WordPress User list
– Import members from external .CSV file
– Import members from external .VCF file (*)
– Double opt-in via email or direct member addition
– Customisable email messages to members
– Optional email alert to administrator when new member applications come in
– “Pause” status available for members who are inactive / on holiday / away

Email & Message Handling

– Message moderation: by user or text (*)
– Prefix email subject lines with group name
– SMTP, WordPress Mail, and PHP Mail functions for email sending
– Archive feature with search functionality (*)
– Bouncing messages to any individual members are counted
– Individual membership paused after a set amount of message bounces

Website Implementation

– Shortcode for easy display for sign-up form
– Customisable CSS for sign-up form to match your website’s design
– Application for multiple mailing groups from one sign-up form (*)

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Full Control of Mailing Groups & no Reliance on any Third-Party

Wordpress Free Listserv

Wpmg provides a perfect listserv function hosted on your own server. Having it on your own server means no need to pay any hefty fee as your list grows. A list serv easy to manage and under your own control. Its a wordpress group plugin to connect users.


Connect Users

Your users can connect with each other through email. An email discussion group allows them to interact with each other without any login to wordpress dashboard.

Email List

Email list enables users to have two-way communication. Your own wordpress website can serve as listserv so you are not tied to any other listserv like Lsoft or Google Groups.

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Hooks and Filters

We have started hooks and filters to the plugin, the first filter we added is, mg_change_imap_flag This can be used to modify connection string of mail inbox. Use it to add additional parameters required by gmail or any other service provider. You can connect to gmail...

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Updated on: November 1, 2017 by WPMG Dev