Regular Plugin Updates

Wpmg listserv Pro is actively maintained to make sure it works with new releases of wordpress and PHP. Going Pro means you are more secure, up to date and in good care of our awesome support. You also get more control over your email list.

Pro Support

With pro support, you can easily solve listserve problems you come across while setting up groups. Whenever you are stuck, just ping us and we are there to help! You are just 2 steps away from creating a self-hosted and fully customize able email list. Your wordpress users can subscribe/unsubscribe to your email list.

Listserv in WordPress

WPMG is a listserv plugin which is a great (partial) alternative to Google & Yahoo groups, Lsoft listserv, mailman etc. Lots of customization options and more control over features. If you are looking for an alternative to listserv or how to setup a listserv on wordpress, you have landed on right page.

Plans and Pricing