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Installation (4)

This plugin will work best if you have the ability to run Cron Scripts on your web server.

The plugin needs to run specific functions at certain intervals to check for new messages for your mailing group(s), send messages on, check for bouncing messages to members, etc. The plugin is set to run these functions any time someone visits your website, as that helps the scripts in question be triggered into action.

However, if you have a low-traffic website, your mailing group messages will not be processed as regularly as you might like. This can be much improved if you have access to an online control panel, such as cPanel, where you can access the Cron Jobs, or Scheduled Tasks, and link to these scripts that are supplied with the plugin.

The instructions for this are included in the plugin’s Help section.

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WPMG comes with a shortcode to display subscription form for mailing groups on your website. It also has a shortcode (pro-feature) for displaying all emails from any group on your website.

1- The shortcode to display the registration form on a page of your WordPress website is:


You can specify which type of mailing group you want to display by using visibility condition in the shortcode, like this:

[mailing_group_form visibility=’Public’]

[mailing_group_form visibility=’Private’]

[mailing_group_form visibility=’Invitation’]

The Public / Private / Invitation status of a Mailing Group is chosen within its settings when you add it from new, or edit an existing one. If you set a Mailing Group to “Public” in its settings, it will show by default when you just use the shortcode [mailing_group_form]. The “Invitation” and “Private” Mailing Groups will only be displayed if you specific that within the shortcode, as shown above, otherwise they remain hidden from public view.


2- This shortcode only works for pro version . Make sure that in mailing groups edit page, following options are set for archives.

The wpmg_email_list shortcode displays list of emails from any group on a front end page. Use it like below:

[wpmg_email_list group_email='your-group-email@yourdomain.com' emails_per_page='8']

Just replace “your-group-email@yourdomain.com” with your group email for which you want to display all emails. The emails will be displayed as below:




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1 – Set up a POP / IMAP email box on your web server with the name of the mailing group you would like to use. For example, my-list@mailserver.com.
Remember the password you chose, and note down the POP and SMTP mail servers and ports you need to access it with.


2 – Install WP Mailing Group plugin via your website’s WordPress Administration area, and go to Mailing Groups > Add New Mailing Group to create your first Mailing Group. Use the settings from the POP / IMAP email box you set up in step 1. If you are not sure about “Choose Mailing Function” option, select Wp mail option.


3 – (optional step – if you do all settings correctly and still emails don’t go through) ONLY if your website does NOT have traffic (eg. a visitor every couple of minutes), go to the Cron Jobs / Scheduled Tasks area of your web server’s control panel, and paste in the following line in the Command text field:

wget http://www.yoursite.com/wp-cron.php

On some systems, you may need to use a curl function instead: curl -s http://www.yoursite.com/wp-cron.php

For either function, the suggested frequency is every 2 minutes.

Full information on this can be found in the plugin’s General Settings > Help panel.


4 – Go to the plugin’s General Settings > Introduction panel, and type in the Administrator Email Settings for your Mailing Groups. Then save all your settings there. You now have a “Test Email connection” button in group settings in plugin’s latest version, which will tell you if plugin is able to connect to your email inbox and read emails or not. It will display errors which will help you debug if plugin cannot connect. You can now use “gmail” as your email inbox, but some servers won’t allow accessing gmail from them, so you might get errors and not connect. Also go through this guide about troubleshooting emails not being sent by WPMG

5 – Insert the [mailing_group_form] shortcode on a page on your WordPress website, within page / post text or in a widget, so members can request to sign up for your Mailing Group. You can also add members manually from the plugin’s Add Subscribers or Import Users areas.