WPMG Premium Features

Are you looking for wp mailinggroup premium features? Here they are:

The WP MailingGroup plugin allows you to run a Mailing Group, also known as a Listserv, right from your WordPress website. This means you can sign up your users, friends, neighbours, family and whoever else you want, directly from your WordPress administration area, and they can then all exchange emails via their favourite email software. This is a true Mailing Group, just like on Yahoo Groups or Google Groups, where there is an email address to send messages to, and everyone who is subscribed to the mailing group gets the message. They can then click Reply, and the whole list will receive their response.

The features marked with a star (*) are only available in the fully featured paid version, but you still get plenty of functionality in the free version!

Mailing Groups

– Easy installation and setup that requires no coding skills.
– opt-in email.
– Public, Invitation-only and Private group settings
– Multiple mailing lists possible on a single WordPress site (*pro)

Member Administration

– Add members from WordPress User list
– Import members from external .CSV file
– Import members from external .VCF file (*pro)
– Double opt-in via email or direct member addition
– Customisable email messages to members
– Optional email alert to administrator when new member applications come in
– “Pause” status available for members who are inactive / on holiday / away

Emails & Message Handling

– Message moderation: by user or text (*pro)
– Prefix email subject lines with group name
– SMTP, WordPress Mail, and PHP Mail functions for email sending
– Archive feature with search functionality (*pro)
– Bouncing messages to any individual members are counted
– Individual membership paused after a set amount of message bounces.

Website Implementation

– Shortcode for easy display for sign-up form
– Shortcode for displaying group emails in a list on any page of your website (*pro)
– Customisable CSS for sign-up form to match your website’s design
– Application for multiple mailing groups from one sign-up form (*pro)
– Hooks and filters for extending plugin and adding any extra functionality (*pro)
– Add-on ready (We will have premium extensions which will be available only for pro version) (*pro)

Email Digest Option (*pro)

-On mailing group settings page, you can now set frequency of emails sent to group members.

Send Email Replies to Original Sender or Custom Email (*pro)

-On mailing group settings page, you can set whether you would like to send replies of a group email to original sender email or any other email outside the group.

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