WPMG comes with a shortcode to display subscription form for mailing groups on your website. It also has a shortcode (pro-feature) for displaying all emails from any group on your website.

1- The shortcode to display the registration form on a page of your WordPress website is:


You can specify which type of mailing group you want to display by using visibility condition in the shortcode, like this:

[mailing_group_form visibility=’Public’]

[mailing_group_form visibility=’Private’]

[mailing_group_form visibility=’Invitation’]

The Public / Private / Invitation status of a Mailing Group is chosen within its settings when you add it from new, or edit an existing one. If you set a Mailing Group to “Public” in its settings, it will show by default when you just use the shortcode [mailing_group_form]. The “Invitation” and “Private” Mailing Groups will only be displayed if you specific that within the shortcode, as shown above, otherwise they remain hidden from public view.


2- This shortcode only works for pro version . Make sure that in mailing groups edit page, following options are set for archives.

The wpmg_email_list shortcode displays list of emails from any group on a front end page. Use it like below:

[wpmg_email_list group_email='' emails_per_page='8']

Just replace “” with your group email for which you want to display all emails. The emails will be displayed as below:




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