WordPress Mailing Group Plugin is being actively developed and maintained to work smoothly with latest WordPress version. We recently released few new additions that might interest our users.

Version 2.0.7 comes with 2 new action hooks, which let you interact with all emails sent to mailing groups. Examples of functions you can develop or code with our new action hooks are: send group emails to external APIs, post/send emails to forum threads etc. These hooks can help you in integrating WPMG with BuddyPress, PHPBB and any other forum plugins. A developer having knowledge of PHP can simply use a hook and send emails sent to group to a forum and create post threads. We will continue to add new features and will keep you informed. The newly added action hooks are:

1- do_action( ‘wpmg_send_email_to_group’,$emails_details );- This will called right after an email is sent to group and log of that email is saved in db.

2- do_action( ‘wpmg_parsed_email_from_inbox’,$emails_details ); – This is called just after an email is read from inbox and deleted from inbox.