If you are using Mailing Group Listserv plugin and are not able to receive emails on your subscriber email. Then there the few quick things to check which are as follows:

  • The group email and password are correct and have no spelling mistakes
  • Check if imap_open() function is available on your hosting server. A few hosting providers like Network Solutions disable this function for some reason disable php imap extension which results in wpmg not working.To check if the imap_open() function is available or not, install wpmg free version, go to “Troubleshooting” under “Mailing group Manager” in wordpress dashboard sidebar. Scroll down and you will find this information at the bottom of this page. If imap_open() is not available, the plugin will not work.
  • If you have corrected/verfied first 2 point but still emails are not being received by subscribers then there is a chance that plugin is unable to connect to your mailbox. On some servers, the email inbox connection string might require additional parameters than that specified in wpmg. This means that plugin is not able to read emails from group email inbox.For solving this, click “Test impa/pop3 connection” button on mailing group settings page, it will tell you if WPMG can connect to mailbox or not, it will also tell you (in some cases) if there is a recommended setting.

    If WPMG still gives “connection failed” error no matter what settings you tried, you can try a solution which requires putting a snippet in your functions.php file. We have an action hook which you can use to set the right connection string according to your provider. You can take help from your server support to know the correct parameters for imap connection string. Below is an example I used for setting imap connection string in and it worked perfectly!

    function hostmonster_imap_connection_string_wpmg($strConnect){

    $strConnect = ‘{}INBOX’;

    return $strConnect;



  • When you are sure that plugin is able to read emails from your inbox, then the last thing to check is, if its able to send emails to subscribers or not. To resolve this make sure that your outgoing email or smtp settings are correct. If you don’t know this, you can ask your hosting provider, server admin or smtp support for correct settings.
  • If all above is correct but you are still not receiving emails, check if cron is working on your server or not. To check this, you can install any good cron manager plugin and see what events are scheduled. I use Advanced Cron Manager for this and check if wpmg’s crons are scheduled and running or not.

If you are not able to do anything yourself, buy our premium plugin and support, which will fix things for you 🙂

We will keep adding more to this list, as we come across new problems : )

Happy group emailing!