About the WP Mailing Group Plugin

We needed a Mailing Group plugin for our WordPress blogs, but we couldn’t find one, so I decided to get one made! This website contains the story of that little adventure, and the plugin itself. It is available in a free version and also a fully-featured paid version – if you buy that, it helps me recover the money I spent on it (blood, sweat and tears not being recoverable!)… You are also welcome to donate, if you like the free version.

logo_200x200Here is what it does:

The WP MailingGroup plugin allows you to run a Mailing Group, also known as a Listserv in web geek speak, right from your WordPress website. This means you can sign up your users, friends, neighbours, family and whoever else you want, directly from your WordPress administration area, and they can then all exchange emails via their favourite email software.

This is a true Mailing Group, just like on Yahoo Groups or Google Groups, where there is an email address to send messages to, and everyone who is subscribed to the mailing group gets the message. They can then click Reply, and the whole list will receive their response.

This is NOT a one-way Announcement list where only YOU can email everyone else. This plugin is to help you and your groups stay connected!

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