>> 25 SEPTEMBER 2015 >>

We have packed in lots of new features and fixes in version 1.3 which was released yesterday, both for the Free and Premium plugins!

There are now multiple moderation email options (Premium version only), allowing for several moderators to be alerted when a “suspicious” email arrives in a mailing group. We have also streamlined the message preview in the Moderation section AND in the Archive section with Previous / Next links that allow you to cycle through the message list smoothly.

Another BIG piece of news is that we have now implemented functionality to allow for email attachments to be accessible, as this was previously an issue on many installations (given the thousands of possible server configurations users are running!)…

We are now stripping email attachments from messages as they arrive, saving them in the WP database, and replacing them with links in the emails that are sent out to the mailing groups, so they can be downloaded from the server for a set period of time. There are also options that allow the administrator to block attachments over a certain size. This is the best way we can currently think of to solve the attachment issue, and we hope it works well in your mailing groups. If you have feedback on this functionality for us, please let us know!

Finally, we have been working hard to address an issue with special HTML characters that are used in languages other than English, which would occasionally show up very strangely in emails sent out to groups. We hope to have resolved this for all Scandinavian, German, French and Spanish characters now, but if you run into any other characters in the language your mailing group is being used in which are not displaying correctly, PLEASE let me know: Send me what the character should really look like, and then how it is being displayed in the emails. THANK YOU!