>> 10 MARCH 2015 >>

At some point soon, this plugin will really be launched… although sometimes it seems like an endless struggle to address issues, and shepherd it through the WordPress plugin approval process.

We have had to rewrite the code almost completely to use the in-built WP-cron instead of supplying external cron scripts that could be used to check the designated email box for new messages, send them on to mailing group members, and parse for any bounced messages.

Relying solely on the in-built WP-cron is not a great solution for low traffic websites, however, since messages to and from group members would only be sent on and received whenever a visitor comes to the WordPress website where the plugin is installed (that’s how the WP-cron is triggered to run the scripts). We are therefore supplying instructions on how to set up a Scheduled Task / Cron Job on the servers of those who have access to Cron Jobs, so that messages can be checked and sent on every 2 minutes or so. All of this is described in the Help documentation.

Thank you to everyone who has been patiently waiting for this plugin to be launched – I really do hope that it will be very soon, so we can start working on the next version with even more functionality, and start to get the international language versions out there!