>> 30 DECEMBER 2015 >>

The development roadmap for the WP Mailing Group plugin in 2016 has several powerful and exciting new shortcodes on it, through popular demand from our plugin users. All of these will be available to Premium plugin users, and we will soon be announcing which will also benefit our Free plugin users.

The first shortcode will allow for GROUP MESSAGES to be displayed on a PUBLIC PAGE. This will give site administrators the possibility of showing messages from a specified mailing group on any page or post of their choosing.

The second shortcode will allow for GROUP MEMBERS to POST MESSAGES from the mailing group website. This means they are no longer restricted to post only from their email software, and can get in touch with the mailing group whenever they have access to an internet browser.

We will also be developing TROUBLESHOOTING and LOGGING functions to allow admins to pinpoint where messages might be getting stuck on the way between the mailing group and its members, in both incoming and outgoing directions.

Finally, we also have plans to give users a choice of SUBSCRIPTION MODES: receiving individual messages, a daily digest, or interacting with the mailing group through web-only access.

It is always great to hear from our users about their experiences of using the plugin, so we can continue to improve it and make it as useful as possible!

Happy New Year to everyone!
May you stay ever more connected to those you care about!