>> 20 NOVEMBER 2014 >>

As we are putting the last touches to the release version (v.1.0) of the plugin now, great ideas have been coming in for functionality in future versions:

– being able to moderate messages: so this functionality can be switched on, and then the admin can approve messages before they are released to the mailing list they are intended for, or reject them and send an automated message back to the sender, or just delete the message, and optionally block / suspend the sender from sending more messages to the list for a period of time or permanently.

– redirect messages from one list to another, in case of a website with multiple lists with different themes and members sending emails to the wrong place.

– export and import settings, so mailing groups can be moved from one server installation to another with ease.

Thanks to naiel and James Karte for these ideas… Look out for them in v.1.1!