>> 10 OCTOBER 2014 >>

Development has now reached a crucial point: testing the cron scripts on external web servers!

I first decided to get some web space on the GoDaddy.com servers and see what might happen on their setup with the cron scripts that check the mail box that messages are stored in, and send responses from the group.

Here is how that went:
After configuring the plugin there and checking through its functions, I discovered that I could receive emails correctly from the test mail account, but while sending emails using SMTP, it became clear that GoDaddy does not allows the use of an external host on their shared server setup.

More on this here:

More sending possibilities need to be added to the plugin, to get around this SMTP issue on GoDaddy, and perhaps other major web hosts. I will get an option implemented for the standard mailing function of PHP to be used as well. This will be available in both the free and premium plugin versions, to ensure it works on as many different server configurations as possible. Watch this space!