Strange characters or HTML tags in email

If in your group emails you receive:

-HTML code or HTML tags or “<br>” tags or “<p>” tags.

-No line breaks.

-German characters like “ü”, “ä”, “ö” and “ß”, not displaying.

-Stylesheet at top of email content.

Download Fix HTML, German language characters and lineBreaks Plugin and activate it, this will resolve these problems in most cases.


If you are still seeing weird “A”s or boxes in your content? seeing HTML tags like
in your email content? , there are some additional ways to prevent that behavior.

  • The first troubleshooting step is to make sure Email format for users is set to “HTML”. This will likely resolve your problem.
  • If you’re providing your own HTML code, make sure that you’re coding special characters for
    UTF-8 or that you have your HTML editor, such as Dreamweaver, set to code for UTF-8.
  • If you need more resources for that type of coding, do a Google search for “special Characters” UTF-8 or “HTML Editor” UTF-8 and
    for more resources.
  • If you’re using any WYSIWYG editor, make sure that you copy in your content to a simple text editor like
    Notepad++ or
    TextWrangler, so that don’t bring in any
    junk code or special characters that aren’t compatible with our system.

If you come across this issue, it is unfortunately beyond the scope of even the Premium assistance, as it is related to your server or your email client, and not to the plugin itself.

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