Send Mail Settings / SMTP

There are multiple Send Mail settings you can choose from, for each Mailing Group that you configure:

  • External SMTP
  • WP Mail
  • PHP Mail

If none of those work for you, and the emails from your Mailing Group are not reaching the members, we have arrangements with two highly reputable external SMTP providers who can assist:

You will receive 2000 credits FREE with them when you register with Elastic Email using the referral link below, negotiated especially for WP Mailing Group plugin users. There is no monthly subscription requirement, and credits do not expire:

You can send up to 400 emails FREE per day, when you register with Send Grid
using the referral link below:

Simply sign up with either of the SMTP service providers above, and when your account with them has been verified, you can copy and paste the SMTP settings from them directly into your WP Mailing Group settings in the SMTP box.


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