>> 15 OCTOBER 2014 >>

As the launch date of the plugin is now rapidly approaching, some wonderful beta testers have been helping to catch out any last bugs, and make suggestions for feature improvements that I had not thought of – a big THANK YOU to those who have been giving their time and good ideas to this process!

I am excited to share two great extra features we will have implemented in time for launch:

  1. An optional subject line prefix that will be displayed with all email subject lines, to clearly identify the message as coming from your Mailing Group, e.g. “[Group Name] Hello to all members!”
  2. A Reply-To setting in the Mailing Group administrative options, so you can ensure that replies are sent back to the group email by default, and not to the individual senders’ addresses.

These will be available on both the Free and Premium versions of the plugin!

The extra feature about multiple ways to send mail, via SMTP, the default WordPress sendmail function, and possibly also others, is also being developed in time for launch, after our experiments on the GoDaddy.com servers.