>> 06 FEBRUARY 2014 >>

This plugin has been in the making for a looooong time. It germinated as an idea in my mind in March 2013 when I kept being asked to set up customised WordPress websites for people who needed ways to running mailing groups on them. The plugin then went into development in June 2013, after I sourced a team to assist me via Elance.com

It has had many ups and downs during that time, as the developers (ChilliApple) and I worked to find ways of making it logical, user-friendly, versatile, and above all FUNCTIONAL.

My nature is that of a perfectionist, and I do not like releasing work until it feels, looks and works well – and I have done my best! I also realise that I cannot think of everything or test it in every single situation.

I am now relying on YOU, all the people out there who want to get connected via this plugin, to tell me:

  • What works?
  • What does not work?
  • What else you would like to see it do?

If you have feedback on a bug, please specify your WordPress version, browser type, and server setup, so it is easier for us to troubleshoot.

Let’s stay connected about this, and get this plugin to be the best it possibly can be, to serve the WordPress community (and it would be great for me to also recover some of the $3600 development costs I invested in it!)… See the Contact page for how to send your feedback.

Thank you!